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Rock Front Ranch, Organic Honey & Jujube Products

The Cuyama Valley is home to the Caliente and Sierra Madre Mountains. These pristine environments contain unpolluted air, fresh rainwater and a profusion of flowering plants that provide our bees with the essential elements to create the finest and most healthful honey. The organic jujube orchard has been cultivated with care and thoughtfulness, using agroforestry techniques to create a more diverse, productive, healthy, ecologically sound, and sustainable land-use system. Rock Front Ranch also uses efficient regenerative agriculture methods that enhance soil microbial diversity, thereby improving soil nutrition, plant health, fruit quality & nutrition, as well as improving production.

Alisha Taff, although working on the periphery of the Cuyama Valley Food Action Network, has been an instrumental player in marketing the Cuyama Valley for its high-quality raw and value added products that celebrate the semi-arid climate of the region. Alisha has developed expertise in establishing a market and distribution network for her products and has built an elite network of bee-keepers that celebrate the pristine environment of the Cuyama Valley.

While growing a business and maximizing profits is a draw for some, Taff said it’s not the goal for Rock Front Ranch.
“Most people in the farm-to-table movement are pretty happy producing a quality product, knowing that people are appreciating their product, and make a little in the end. That’s the goal: to do what you do, have quality product, work in harmony with the environment, and to be able to pay the bills, not just rake it all in,” And with energy and enthusiasm of young people, they continue to move ahead, to watch the weather, to hope for rain, and to keep an eye on the property and growth opportunities. “They say, ‘Change or die. Evolve or die.’ We’ve had to make an evolution. The property is so wonderful. It has this amazing capacity for change,” Taff said. (Farm to Table: Rock Front Ranch, Santa Maria Times)

Alisha Taff
[email protected] (805) 303-1583
P.O. Box 1788 , Santa Maria CA 93456

Jujube trees thrive in the high desert at Rock Front Ranch

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