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Route One Success

Route One’s mobile farmers market will serve Lompoc five days a week, prioritizing neighborhoods based on their access to fresh, healthy food.
FRESA Working Group: Food Access Success Story

FRESA Working Group: Food Access Success Story

North Santa Barbara County - FRESA (Food Resilience, Equity, Sustainability, and Action) is a Working Group collectively addressing food access, food insecurity, and improving the affordability of locally-grown produce in Northern Santa Barbara County.

Cottage Food FAQs

Santa Barbara County EHS permit for home-based food preparation for retail in small quantities, with certain limitations (e.g. must generate <$50k in profit/year, items sold indirectly at off-site locations).

Cottage Food Guidance

Santa Barbara County EHS required that all applicants for a Cottage Food Operation must reside within Santa Barbara County. Applicants should read and be familiar with the Cottage Food Guidance educational document before completing the application.

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