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DDT’s toxic legacy could span three generations

More than 50 years ago, scientists at the Permanente Foundation Hospital in Oakland started a simple experiment: When a pregnant woman would come in for routine maternal care, they were asked to give a sample of blood, to be frozen for future research. They didn’t know it at the time, but those samples would later be key in understanding the long-term health impacts of the then widely-used pesticide DDT.
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Coronavirus/Produce Industry Survival Guide Specialty Produce Supplier Babé Farms Put to the Test But Meeting the Challenge

The contrast in the story — the best of times, the worst of times — echoes what the produce industry and the broader food industry have been experiencing as retailers struggle to keep up with demand and most restaurants and other foodservice outlets — cruises, theme parks, hotels — are shut down or are trying to stay afloat on take-out and delivery.
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The Coronavirus and the Food Supply Chain

The spread of COVID-19, and the public responses and policies it has engendered, have interrupted some food availability and prompted concerns among consumers about the reliability of the food supply chain. Some farm producers have faced plummeting prices, while some prices, especially at retail, have spiked. We seek to explain what has been happening within the food supply chain and what is likely to happen as society deals with the pandemic and its aftermath.
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