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Under the general direction of the Health & Wellness Associate Dean & Director, the Food, Nutrition, & Basic Skills (FNBS) assistant coordinator and culinary educator performs four major responsibilities:

1) Assists food and nutrition education lead by teaching cooking skills and nutrition workshops to students in the FNBS and UCSB Cooks program. Contributes to workshop development including identification of priorities and relevant strategies, delivery of programs, logistical planning, and assessment of educational initiatives. Also contributes to new or existing nutrition and food security related initiatives, campus outreach, and coordination with Basic Needs partners.

2) Supervises paid student staff and volunteers

3) Delivers group and/or individual health promotion and education services consistent with diverse student needs and emerging health issues

4) Stays up to date on community-based programs for food security and best practices to address food insecurity and culinary education, including knowledge of campus Basic Needs and Food Security initiatives and trends. Maintains productive campus and community partnerships related to the FNBS, UCSB Cooks, and H & W department programs.

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