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  • Started business with two vendors Pepper Creek Farms and Gracious Greens

    Walter Lafky, CEO of and a Cal Poly student, always had an interest in the food system. Growing up in Oregon, he grew and sold tomatoes. From this experience, he realized there was a gap in the food system when it came to the connection between local customers and local food producers. During his second…

  • Launched Official Website

    In the Spring of 2020, they launched their online delivery service where consumers can learn more about vendors and select farm-fresh produce, prepared meals, organics, baked goods, and more.

  • Grew Operations

    In December 2020, Harvestly opened an official fulfillment center and office space in San Luis Obispo.

  • Poured over $200,000 back into the local economy through vendor payouts

    At, 75% of the product value goes directly back to the local vendors. At the end of the day, their priority is ensuring the food producers are truly being supported.

  • Launched first commercial on KSBY

  • Started delivering to Santa Barbara

    Harvestly’s fall focus was to grow both the vendor and consumer side of the business. On average, they saw about two local food purveyors apply to join their service every week.

  • Launched Harvestly 2.0

    In January 2021, Harvestly expanded the reach of its delivery service to Santa Barbara County. Their updated website enables customers to input their zip code and locate vendors around their local area.

  • Will begin accepting EBT and this will include Santa Barbara County. will be increasing food access in the near future by accepting EBT benefits. “Local food without subsidies can be expensive.” Harvestly’s goal is to create a more convenient way to get healthy food and reduce food miles.

Future plans for activation:

Scaling Up

  • In the long term, they hope to expand their operations across the nation, creating a model in which you can shop products grown within your local foodshed and directly support farmers and food producers.


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Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students and alumni


  • 100% of our goods are sourced locally. We found that there was no clear definition of local and it was inconsistent depending on where you shopped. For Harvestly, local is considered within a County,” says Lafky.
  • “ is creating a hyperlocal marketplace that connects local vendors to local consumers.
  • “Centered around health, sustainability, and the local economy, Harvestly aims to change the current food system and its devastating impacts on communities.
  • “By creating a more convenient way to access healthy foods they are nourishing the community and building a more resilient food system.

Activating Food Action Plan goals

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