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A valid Health Permit is required for all food facilities to operate.

General Health Permit Information
A health permit issued from Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services is necessary for you to operate a food facility in this county. You must have this permit prominently displayed in your establishment at all times. Environmental Health Services’ health permits are non-transferable. Therefore, if you are buying an existing business, you will need to apply for a Health Permit in your name.

Billing Cycle
Environmental Health Services utilizes an annual billing cycle for all food facilities with fee requirements based on the current EHS Fee Schedule. The annual billing cycle for a new facility is based on the month in which the application is received, and approval is granted, for a new health permit. Thus, if your application for health permit is approved in April, then your annual permit cycle will be valid through April 30 of each year. Thereafter, established food facilities are sent (via US Mail) an invoice for permit renewal approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the facility’s current permit expiration date. Permit renewal payment is due no more than 30 days after Invoice date to prevent a lapse in valid permit. If your renewal fee is not paid by the date noted on the invoice, the permit fee is assessed penalties and you will not be in possession of a valid health permit; therefore, you will be out of compliance with state law.

For those businesses that have multiple programs at one facility (such as a food facility and a pool), the consolidated billing approach will show all annual fees on one invoice. If a program is added to an existing facility (such as a new pool for a hotel), that program will be placed on the same billing schedule as the other programs in that facility. If you are interested in getting more information about our billing process, please contact our fiscal division at 805-346-8464, our main desk in the Santa Barbara office at 805-681-4900, or Santa Maria office at 805-346-8460.

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