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The Network strives to be a countywide hub for critical resources such as funding and financing, employment, land, equipment, materials, and more. Review current resources and opportunities at the links below.


SBCFAN aligns resources – such as federal, state, and local grants or individual gifts – with members’ needs in order to activate Food Action Plan goals. See open funding opportunities.


The Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan calls for creating an impact investing hub to facilitate investment in food systems development. That’s why SBCFAN is partnering with the Economic Development Collaborative (EDC) to launch innovative loan programs that connect food producers with trusted and vetted financial resources that break down the barriers associated with traditional loan programs.

The Food System Resilience Loan Program is a unique financing option for local food businesses. Learn more and apply today.


Unlike traditional programs, SBCFAN’s grantmaking program is specifically designed to include wraparound information, resources, and tools that food producers need to execute a successful project – whether they are funded or not.

In 2020, SBCFAN piloted a Food System Resilience grantmaking program, distributing $150,000 to support organizations working to advance Food Action Plan goals. Stay tuned for future SBCFAN grantmaking opportunities.

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