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Santa Barbara County Food Action Network is committed to sharing resources to support efforts during COVID-19. If you have a resource that should be listed here, please contact us.


Edible Santa Barbara

Magazine celebrating the abundance of local food and wine throughout Santa Barbara County.

Santa Barbara Carbon Farming Compost Study

A partnership of local and state groups identifying local interest in carbon farming, conducting carbon farm plans, and monitoring several field trials in Santa Barbara County – including one of only 17 NRCS trials in California.

Healthy Soils Initiative

Information on the new program focused on protecting and restoring soil organic matter in California’s soils.

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Resources and information on agriculture in California. See especially farm ecosystem services database .

Santa Barbara County Agricultural Commissioner

Information, data, and reports for Santa Barbara County producers. See especially Economic Contributions of Santa Barbara Agriculture heavily cited in the Blueprint Report.

Santa Barbara County Cooperative Extension

Information, data, and reports for Santa Barbara County producers, gardeners, and agricultural enthusiasts.

Conservation Blueprint of SBC

The Santa Barbara County Conservation Blueprint provides a common language and platform for publicly available data to support in depth conversations and informed decisions about the Santa Barbara County landscape. This collaborative project aims to describe the current landscape, natural resources, and community values about land in Santa Barbara County.

SBC Conservation Blueprint

Community Kitchens

Community Kitchens Map

The Mapping Community Kitchens in Santa Barbara County project identifies the available community kitchens across Santa Barbara County. These spaces give the community greater opportunities to conduct programs related to food security, nutrition, food waste reduction, and food-related entrepreneurial endeavors. Learn more.

Food Access

Op-ed: We Can Build a Better Food System Through Mutual Aid

Imagine if food producers and movements worked together to secure the basic needs of those fighting for a better world for everyone.

How Black Communities Are Bridging the Food Access Gap

Addressing systemic racism in U.S. agriculture has to begin with the USDA.

Fruit Tree Harvesting – Greenspot Farming

Fruit Tree Hosting – Greenspot Farming

A People’s Guide to a Regenerative Economy

The intersecting crises of income and wealth inequality and climate change, driven by systemic white supremacy and gender inequality, has exposed the frailty of the U.S. economy and democracy. Transforming our economy is not just about swapping out elected leaders. We need a shift in popular consciousness.

#FarmersFeedtheNeed – a coordinated effort to provide food to needy Californians

Food Action Plans

The Case for State Food Action Plans

The Case for State Food Action Plans. Laboratories of Food Democracy. By Joel Berg and Joy Moses at the Center for American Progress. February 2011.

Local Foods, Local Places: Actions and Strategies for Los Angeles, California

An Action Plan for Improving Food Access in the LA Promise Zone Los Angeles, CA. November 30, 2015.

Food System Action Plan

The Sacramento region is at the heart of one of the world’s largest agricultural economies, producing food for people around the globe. Our region’s food and agriculture industry creates $3.4 billion in annual output and employs more than 37 thousand workers in the Sacramento region.

Mendocino County Food Action Plan

A Project of the Mendocino County Food Policy Council 2014.

Sonoma County Healthy & Sustainable FOOD ACTION PLAN

Status Report. AUGUST 2016. A guide to local action on food production, land and natural resource stewardship, economic development, public health, and equity in our food system

Food Justice

Want to See Food and Land Justice for Black Americans? Support These Groups.

Food justice is racial justice. As the nation rises up to protest atrocities against Black people, here are some organizations working to advance Black food sovereignty.

Reckoning with Racial Justice in Farm Country

Rural communities and agriculture groups are divided over George Floyd’s death and the resulting protests. As some stay silent, others express solidarity or hold rallies in support.

Op-ed: We Can Build a Better Food System Through Mutual Aid

Imagine if food producers and movements worked together to secure the basic needs of those fighting for a better world for everyone.

How Black Communities Are Bridging the Food Access Gap

Addressing systemic racism in U.S. agriculture has to begin with the USDA.

Op-ed: How Urban Agriculture Can Fight Racism in the Food System

Growing food in cities offers a powerful way to reclaim communities and change the dynamics so that people of color have wealth and power.

Julián Castro on the Goya Boycott and How to Support Communities of Color

The former presidential candidate links COVID-19’s devastation in Black and brown communities with the need for a $15 minimum wage, free school meals, and universal healthcare.

Black Lives Matter in the Food System

During the first half of 2020, the disproportionate spread of COVID-19 in communities of color and the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police have drawn into sharp focus the systemic racism present in the United States—including in our food system.

Food & Agriculture Anti-Racism Resources

#FarmersFeedtheNeed – a coordinated effort to provide food to needy Californians

Local Food Database

Fruit Tree Hosting – Greenspot Farming

Local Harvest Delivery

Local Harvest Delivery hand-selects produce from local and sustainable family farms and delivers to your door every Saturday. They deliver to Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito, Summerland, Carpinteria and Ventura. They post the contents of each week’s box on their website. You can modify your box, make an on-going No-list, add grocery items and skip weeks. Cost is $35-45 for a produce box. Add-ons include bread, honey, coffee, dried fruit, pies, nuts and nut butters.

Phone: 805 626-0253

E-mail: [email protected]


Source: Edible Santa Barbara

John Givens Farm

John Givens has been farming in Santa Barbara County for 30 years and has 12 different farm properties in cultivation throughout the area. This farm adds trace minerals from rock dust to their soil as well as compost, promoting what John believes is better soil nutrition. Because the farm is so large, there is a lot of crop diversity. All produce is fresh-picked and USDA Certified Organic. Vegetable boxes come in a variety of sizes, so you can customize for your family. Offering pickup sites in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito, Buellton, Solvang, Santa Ynez, and Lompoc — or we will deliver right to your office or home.

Phone: 805 451-8451

E-mail: [email protected]


Source: Edible Santa Barbara

Finley Farms

Finley Farms in Santa Ynez offers a large variety of seasonal row crops such as lettuce, beets, tomatoes, turnips, rutabagas, fennel, and peas, as well as melons, strawberries and raspberries, to name a few. You can read more about the Finleys in the Young Farmers article from our Summer 2010 issue. Pre-packed farm boxes and produce a la carte available at their farm stand at 702 N Refugio Rd, Santa Ynez.

Phone: 805 245-9579


Source: Edible Santa Barbara

Farm Cart Organics

Farm Cart Organics is a family run, organic produce delivery business. They deliver weekly to locations in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Cost: $12.25-$100 per week.

Phone: 805 452-4823


Source: Edible Santa Barbara

The Farm Box Collective

The Farm Box Collective has grown from a single farm CSA (formerly Ellwood Canyon Farms) into a CSA collective of local organic farmers that we have worked with for several years. This ensures a diverse weekly box that supports several farms in our community. CSA’s are a critical component in promoting local food. Oftentimes small farmers do not sell their produce to grocery stores and greatly benefit from your support. Every week we do our best to provide a diverse healthy box of seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs. Cost is $30-45 per week with a variety of add-ons available. Pick up locations in Goleta, Santa Barbara and Montecito.

Phone: 805 886-6135

E-mail: [email protected]


Source: Edible Santa Barbara

Dare to Dream Farms

Dare 2 Dream Farms in Lompoc specializes in backyard chickens, handcrafted coops, free-range eggs, organic produce, and although they have a CSA, it is currently sold out. Check their website for updates.


Source: Edible Santa Barbara

The Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens

Fairview Gardens is the oldest CSA in our area, since 1988. The 100+ year-old farm is open to the public, and members and others are welcome to take self-guided tours, and attend a variety of classes and workshops. Farm stand is open Wednesdays 2-6pm with a variety of locally grown produce, pantry add-ons and pre-packed produce bags. To reserve this week’s bag, call or send a direct message via instagram @fairviewgardens with your first and last name, phone number and email. Pay when you pick up at the farm stand on Wednesday or over the phone during business hours. Reserve up to 4 consecutive weeks in advance. The Pork Palace will be here with their locally sourced meats.

Phone: 805 967-7369


Source: Edible Santa Barbara

Blosser Urban Garden

Blosser Urban Garden is a sustainable small-scale organic farm in Santa Maria, delivering weekly or bi-weekly produce. Cost: $21-28 per week. Multiple delivery options.

Phone: 805 878-1744

E-mail: [email protected]


Source: Edible Santa Barbara

Plow to Porch

Plow to Porch delivers fresh, seasonal organic/pesticide-free produce and a wide variety of delicious “add-ons” weekly or every other week. The produce in their boxes mirrors the seasonal availability of our local farms and varies from week to week. They source from approximately 15 different farms in order to bring you the greatest variety possible. Cost is $25+; subscribers can sign up for one of four sized boxes of mixed seasonal produce and can add extras such as meat, eggs, honey, jams, pies and quiches, fair-trade coffee, olive oil and seafood. Recipes included with each delivery. Delivery to Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito and Carpinteria is included in the cost. Deliveries are on either Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or by special arrangement.

Phone: 805 203-6222

E-mail: [email protected]


source: Edible Santa Barbara

Cropmobster Exchange

A public and crowdsourced community resilience platform for sharing resources, trading food and supplies and building relationships for stronger localized food systems. Learn more.

Open for Business Restaurant Directory

A Guide to Santa Barbara Local Food During COVID-19

Other Sites & Resources

Direct Assistance to Farmers through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

The Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) offers direct assistance to farmers and ranchers in support for losses related to the pandemic. The USDA, through the Farm Service Agency (FSA), will be accepting applications from agricultural producers who have suffered losses. Applications are being accepted now until August 20, 2020.
For more information and to apply please visit
See attachment for more details.


A Toolkit for Strengthening Your Local Food System

Food Justice articles

Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

Live to Share

The Coronavirus and the Food Supply Chain

Food and Agriculture Covid19 Response Funding List

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