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How to get involved:


Utilize the plan to further your work and leverage additional support.

The Food Action Plan is supported by multiple jurisdictions, government agencies and community-based organizations throughout Santa Barbara County. Aligning your current and future work with the plan will strengthen the impact of your projects and programs, and leverage a network of community leaders dedicated to achieving the designated goals and strategies.


Investigate sample resources and policies that align with the
mission and values of your organization.

The Food Action Plan highlights resources and policies in support of designated strategies that are linked to local, state and national organizations. We encourage you to contact organizational leaders and engage with existing partnerships and collaboratives.


Invest in the implementation of goals and strategies.

Food Action Plan partner organizations will continue to collaborate with the support of local foundations and individual donors. If you would like to donate in support of this work, please go to or the LEAF (Landscapes, Ecosystems, Agriculture, and Food Systems) Initiative at

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