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The Santa Barbara County Food Action Network connects, aligns, and activates a network of food system actors to develop a robust local food economy, a healthy and just community, and a well-stewarded, resilient foodshed.

We have a stellar leadership team directing our efforts, but we are not the network. You are. Please stay tuned to learn how to engage and partner up as a proactive member of our network.

Network Leadership

A cross section of food system advocates and actors help guide the efforts of Santa Barbara County Food Action Network, led by Executive Director Shakira Miracle. See full leadership team here.

What We Do

We are building a proactive network of changemakers in our food system. Currently we are facilitating working groups to address gaps in the food system that have emerged from COVID-19. We are also empowering collaborations that build the solutions we need now.


The Santa Barbara Food Action Network grew out of the Santa Barbara Food Action Plan, a community-driven strategic plan that assesses and provides recommendations for how we grow, distribute, consume, and dispose of food. Spearheaded by the Community Environmental Council and the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, the plan was developed in 2015-16 and involved over 1,200 hours of volunteer work from over 200 community members.

In following years, CEC and Foodbank continued spearheading efforts to carry forward Food Action Plan goals, and in 2019 launched the Santa Barbara County Food Action Network. The Santa Barbara Foundation served as a major partner in initial and ongoing work, and continues support through grants for projects that create positive change in the local food system.

What Is A Food System

what-is-a-food-action-planThe food system encompasses how food moves from farms to tables. It includes farmers and the farmland on which food is grown, manufacturers and processors, distributors—from truckers to grocery stores to food banks—and all residents as consumers. It also incorporates the inputs needed and outputs generated at each step, including food waste. There are no defined geographical boundaries of our food system, but for the purposes of this plan, we localize the system to be Santa Barbara County.

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