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First Funding Pool open until April 8, 2022 and Second Funding Pool open until May 27, 2022

Who Should Apply? County, city or township governments, Special district governments, State governments, Small businesses, For-profit organizations other than small businesses, Federally recognized Native American tribal governments, Native American tribal organizations other than Federally recognized tribal governments, Nonprofits with or without a 501(c)(3), Private higher education institutions, Public and state-controlled institutions of higher education

Through this new program, USDA will finance partnerships to support the production and marketing of climate-smart commodities via a set of pilot projects lasting one to five years. Pilots will provide technical and financial assistance to producers who implement climate-smart practices on a voluntary basis on working lands; pilot innovative and cost-effective methods for quantification, monitoring, reporting, and verification of greenhouse gas benefits; and market the resulting climate-smart commodities. Up to $1 billion is available in funding. Learn more and apply.

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