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Community Kitchens Success Story

CKWG identifies kitchen spaces across SB county and offers resources for kitchen owners and operators.

Kitchen Activation Success Story

SYV Community Kitchen and Veggie Rescue partner to activate a community food access center to address food access and security.

Food Action Plan Goals activated

Objectives: The following objectives are designed with a full countywide perspective.
The following objectives are designed with a full countywide perspective:

  • Complete and Launch a kitchen toolkit, an information database that consolidates resources and experiences from and for food hubs for public accessibility and distribution.
  • Identify at least 25 potential locations for new food hubs throughout Santa Barbara County.
  • Target 4-6 active and/or potential community kitchens, to identify resource needs, active and potential communities served, deepen and accelerate community collaboration and kitchen operations.
  • Establish Community Food Access Centers that serve as place-based, food-centric neighborhood revitalization efforts, and which unite multiple functions (including education) in one or nearby locations.
  • Secure at least 4 organizations committed to adding programming, which would qualify them as a new food hub, and work with them to create implementation plans.
  • Outline and promote the various program opportunities that could be implemented at a food hub such as charitable feeding, food repurposing, and nutrition education.
  • Establish 5 new working groups.
  • Promote SBCFAN membership, and the inclusion of food hubs focus when signing up as a member, to ensure food hub work continues into the future.
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