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The purpose of the Santa Barbara County Food Action Network is to connect, align, and activate a network of food system actors to develop a robust local food economy, a healthy and just community, and a well-stewarded resilient foodshed.

Through grantmaking to local food system projects, hosting public workshops and events, and facilitating goal-oriented working groups, we are building a proactive network of changemakers in our food system.

What is a Food System?

what-is-a-food-action-planThe food system encompasses how food moves from farms to tables. It includes farmers and the farmland on which food is grown, manufacturers and processors, distributors—from truckers to grocery stores to food banks—and all residents as consumers. It also incorporates the inputs needed and outputs generated at each step, including food waste. There are no defined geographical boundaries of our food system, but for the purposes of this plan, we localize the system to be Santa Barbara County.

What is a Food Action Plan?

A food action plan is a community-driven strategic plan that assesses how we grow, distribute, consume, and dispose of food. While each community tailors the plan to their specific needs, most share two common elements: they capture the aspirations of the community around food and farming, and they identify concrete things that can be done to improve the policies, programs, and individual actions that shape how food moves from farm to plate.


on the Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan

Agricultural Commissioner’s Office of Santa Barbara County
Allan Hancock College
Blue Sky Center in Cuyama Valley
Bolthouse Farms/Bolthouse Property
Buellton Senior Center
Cachuma Resource Conservation District
Cate School
Chumash Casino
City of Santa Barbara Environmental Services
Coast Valley Substance Abuse Treatment Center
Community Environmental Council
Community Health Centers of the Central Coast
County of Santa Barbara Public Health Department
Cuyama Joint Unified School District
Cuyama Orchards
Cuyama Valley Family Resource Center
Dignity Health
Explore Ecology
Fairview Gardens
Family Services Agency
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County
Grimmway Farms
Live Well Santa Barbara County
Lompoc Primary and Behavioral Health Care Collaborative
Lompoc Valley Community Healthcare Organization
Lompoc YMCA
Orella Ranch
Sansum Diabetes Clinic
Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District
Santa Barbara City College
Santa Barbara Foundation
Santa Barbara Unified School District
SBBike/Bici Centro
Social Venture Partners
Ted Chamberlin Ranch
Unity Shoppe
University of California Santa Barbara
Veggie Rescue
Vitamin Angels
Westmont College
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