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The Santa Barbara County Food Action Network connects, aligns, and activates food system changemakers to develop a robust local food economy, a healthy and just community, and a well-stewarded, resilient foodshed. Learn more.

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California’s largest rural Mediterranean coastline is located right here in Santa Barbara County, just west of the City of Santa Barbara. The rugged Gaviota Coast stretches 76 miles from Eastern Goleta to Point Conception and is one of just a handful of locations worldwide where the geographical landscape lends itself to a diversity of ecosystems, including rangeland, subtropics, and oak woodlands. For more than 200 years, the region’s unique climate and fertile soil have made it an ideal spot for farmers and ranchers to grow food, run cattle, and live off the land. Read more

Restoration Oaks Ranch, Santa Barbara Blueberries, and the Wild Farmlands Foundation
Building healthy soil through vermicomposting and dryland farming.
Folded Hills Farmstead, Ranch, and Winery
Connecting people, farmer, food, animals, and nature to preserve the land.
Cuyama Lamb
Managing wildfire risk, restoring native grasslands, and providing ethically raised food and fiber.
The Cultured Abalone Farm
Cultivating a California delicacy on the Gaviota Coast.
Good Land Organics and FRINJ Coffee
Using innovative agriculture practices to grow subtropical fruit on the Central Coast.
Gaviota Givings at Orella Ranch
Sixth-generation ranchers applying permaculture practices to regenerate the land.
Farmer Tom Shepherd Of Shepherd Farms And Folded Hills Farmstead Planting Strawberries. CREDIT: Andrew Hill / PHAROS CREATIVE
Shepherd Farms
Cultivating relationships and organic food to preserve the land for farming.
White Buffalo Land Trust at Jalama Canyon Ranch
Modeling the restoration of our ecosystem through agriculture for the next generation of land stewards.
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