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Get Hooked Seafood

Get Hooked Seafood is a subscription-based Community Supported Fishery (CSF)Community Supported Fishery (CSF): A system modeled after Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in which consumers subscribe to receive fresh and locally sourced seafood from fisherfolk in the local community. that delivers the highest quality sustainable seafood, sourced directly from local fishermen. 80% of the seafood comes directly from the Santa Barbara Channel – and the rest is sourced from California when weather and seasonal variability forces them to look outside the area. In the past year, Get Hooked has closed the loop Closed Loop Food System: As opposed to a linear food system that follows consumption of food from field to plate to waste, a closed loop food system is a more sustainable model that follows food from field to plate to field with little or no waste. between food accessFood Access: A person’s ability to access food while considering many barriers such as geography, transportation, availability of healthy foods, and affordability., food waste, and a vibrant local food economy. Co-founder Victoria Voss shared that “when COVID hit, we suddenly found ourselves in the role of an ‘essential business,’ and we keenly felt the importance of providing access to critical food for our neighbors and local markets for our fishermen who had lost other outlets for their catch. We saw the opportunity to help our fellow small local businesses struggling to reach their customers.”

Customers have access to a variety of in-season seafood, but can also add-on prepared items like tuna burgers and smoked cod or pantry items like olive oil and persimmon vinegar from local food partners. By introducing consumers to a wide range of seafood options coupled with recipes and stories from the fisheryFishery: A place where fish are reared for commercial purposes., Get Hooked helps to maintain healthy fisheries and stocks, inspires customers to experiment with less popular more sustainable catch, builds a connection between eaters and fishermen, and supports a vibrant and sustainable local food system.

To help build access to nutrient dense seafood for all community members and ensure no catch goes to waste, Get Hooked participates in the Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara’s (CFSB) “Fish for the Foodbank” program, purchasing local seafood from CFSB members and processing it for donation to the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. So far, this program has donated over 10,000 local seafood servings to our community.

Read more about the Get Hooked subscription service, meet their fishermen and artisan partners, and find delicious recipes on their website.

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