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SBCFAP Network membership is open to individuals and organizations who want to actively engage with and learn from their peers working within the Santa Barbara County food system. The network connects, aligns, and activates Santa Barbara County food system actors to make progress on Food Action Plan goals with the mission of creating a Santa Barbara County food system that supports healthy people, a healthy economy, and a healthy environment.

There are two types of SBCFAP membership:

Participatory Membership

Participatory members are involved with and interested in SBCFAP and food system work and want to join a group of individuals and organizations invested in creating a food system that supports healthy people, a healthy economy, and a healthy environment.

Participatory members are expected to attend SBCFAP learning and networking events, and share connections, knowledge, competencies, and resources with the larger network using network communication channels like the network listservs and open-sourced events calendar.

Working Group Membership

Working groups, structured around the priority topics of the SBCFAP, meet monthly and more frequently as needed to devise an annual plan (with staff), share resources and knowledge, and identify potential projects for impact.

Working group members are expected to participate in meetings and share connections, knowledge, competencies, and resources with the working group and larger network using network communication channels.


Members develop valuable, trusting relationships and create a sense of community with those working within our County’s food system.

Advantages include:

  • growing unique relationships and connections between businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies
  • gaining wider and deeper food system knowledge with access to information, events, learning and networking opportunities, and resources
  • developing collaborations around innovative solutions to food system challenges
  • broadening and shifting perspective on food system work

Networks offer rapid diffusion of ideas and feedback, with information moving quickly through members; “small-world” reach, with members using the network to efficiently find and connect with members and other people they would not normally be able to contact and in novel combinations; and adaptive capacity, moving quickly to take advantage of opportunities which create value for the members.


WEAVER – works to increase connections among members, both the number of connections and the quality of connections. Weavers also focus on growing the network by connecting new people to members.

FACILITATOR – helps network members establish collective value and negotiates collective action plans.

STEWARD – informally helps to build the network as a network member.

These roles are crucial for network success. As weavers, facilitators, and stewards, members connect members with each other and those outside the network, serve as on-the-ground eyes and ears of the network, picking up information as they connect people, and help each other develop new knowledge and skills that will allow them to connect with others more easily.

Membership Application

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