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Fruit Tree Harvesting – Greenspot Farming

Greenspot Farming works with local retailers like produce stores and CSA produce delivery services to ensure the extra fruit on your trees makes its way to someone's table. We will pick and place your fruit in the local food system free of charge. Need some extra incentive to share your surplus? We offer a unique profit share program to generate revenue for you. Reduce food waste, bolster the health of our community, and farm with us!

Fruit Tree Hosting – Greenspot Farming

We cover the cost and planting of new fruit trees to make your green spaces beautiful and productive. Host fruit trees and become a member of the distributed farm. Enjoy your fresh fruit as your trees grow, and we will be there to collect the excess fruit and find a place for it in our food system. Reduce your carbon footprint, grow more healthy food, and farm with us!

A People’s Guide to a Regenerative Economy

The intersecting crises of income and wealth inequality and climate change, driven by systemic white supremacy and gender inequality, has exposed the frailty of the U.S. economy and democracy. This document was prepared during the COVID-19 pandemic, which exacerbated these existing crises and underlying conditions. Democratic processes have been undermined at the expense of people’s jobs, health, safety, and dignity. Moreover, government support has disproportionately expanded and boosted the private sector through policies, including bailouts, that serve an extractive economy and not the public’s interest. Our elected leaders have chosen not to invest in deep, anti-racist democratic processes. They have chosen not to uphold public values, such as fairness and equity, and not to protect human rights and the vital life cycles of nature and ecosystems. Rather, our elected leaders have chosen extraction and corporate control at the expense of the majority of the people and the well-being and rights of Mother Earth. Transforming our economy is not just about swapping out elected leaders. We need a shift in popular consciousness.
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